A boutique firm specializing in communications and public affairs with expertise in political engagement, professional sports, and entertainment.

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                                  advisor to C-Suite executives and leadership in business, politics, government, sports & entertainment, and non-profit organizations, Blunt Group Strategies works on behalf of individuals and organizations across a broad range of industries.

Blunt Group Strategies is sought after for Traci Otey Blunt’s unique approach to building and maintaining long-lasting and positive relationships. With over 25 years of professional experience as a political operative, presidential campaign advisor, and strategic and crisis communications executive, she has spent decades forging connections with leaders across numerous industry sectors and leveraged relationships to strengthen the brand and work of those she is working to promote.

Her authentic leadership style and ability to fearlessly pursue opportunities set before her have earned her a reputation as someone who will fight to ensure every path forward is cleared for those she serves.  

Her out-of-the-box approach paired with measurable results has earned Traci a place at both national and international tables over the course of her career and she’s ready to take on your complex challenges and transform them into positive solutions.

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“What I have learned is that when communication and interaction are not exchanged, it promotes division instead of understanding."

— Traci Otey Blunt,
   Founder & Principal
   Blunt Group Strategies